Cheapest Shipping Containers

🚚 How is shipment cost ?



Our stock in around all ports in US, Canada and Uk. The cost depends on distance from your nearest port.

For example, if your address is aroundΒ 110 miles from our stocks in port. so shipment cost around 200 USD (start fee) + 110 * 5 USD / per mileΒ + 100 USD (if unloading) = 850 USD (around 800-900 USD), so total price is container price +Β 850 USD (around)

List of top 30 ports in US:

Port of Los Angeles, California
Port of Long Beach, California
Port of New York and New Jersey
Port of Savannah, Georgia
Port of Houston, Texas
Port of Virginia, Virginia
Port of Charleston, South Carolina
Port of Oakland, California
Port of Seattle-Tacoma, Washington
Port of Tacoma, Washington
Port of Miami, Florida
Port of Jacksonville, Florida
Port Everglades, Florida
Port of Corpus Christi, Texas
Port of New Orleans, Louisiana
Port of Boston, Massachusetts
Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Port of Baltimore, Maryland
Port of Mobile, Alabama
Port of Wilmington, Delaware
Port of Port Arthur, Texas
Port of Portland, Oregon
Port of Gulfport, Mississippi
Port of San Diego, California
Port of Tampa, Florida
Port of Freeport, Texas
Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana
Port Manatee, Florida
Port of Beaumont, Texas
Port of Honolulu, Hawaii


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