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🚙 Ports/Stocks List in US,Canada,UK


Top 30 ports in the United States:

1. Port of Los Angeles, California
2. Port of Long Beach, California
3. Port of New York and New Jersey
4. Port of Savannah, Georgia
5. Port of Houston, Texas
6. Port of Virginia, Virginia
7. Port of Charleston, South Carolina
8. Port of Oakland, California
9. Port of Seattle-Tacoma, Washington
10. Port of Tacoma, Washington
11. Port of Miami, Florida
12. Port of Jacksonville, Florida
13. Port Everglades, Florida
14. Port of Corpus Christi, Texas
15. Port of New Orleans, Louisiana
16. Port of Boston, Massachusetts
17. Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
18. Port of Baltimore, Maryland
19. Port of Mobile, Alabama
20. Port of Wilmington, Delaware
21. Port of Port Arthur, Texas
22. Port of Portland, Oregon
23. Port of Gulfport, Mississippi
24. Port of San Diego, California
25. Port of Tampa, Florida
26. Port of Freeport, Texas
27. Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana
28. Port Manatee, Florida
29. Port of Beaumont, Texas
30. Port of Honolulu, Hawaii

Top 10 ports in Canada:

1. Port of Vancouver, British Columbia
2. Port of Montreal, Quebec
3. Port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia
4. Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia
5. Port of Saint John, New Brunswick
6. Port of Hamilton, Ontario
7. Port of Quebec City, Quebec
8. Port of Vancouver Fraser River Port Authority, British Columbia
9. Port of Thunder Bay, Ontario
10. Port of Saguenay, Quebec

Top 10 ports in the United Kingdom:

1. Port of Felixstowe, England
2. Port of Southampton, England
3. Port of London, England
4. Port of Immingham, England
5. Port of Liverpool, England
6. Port of Grimsby, England
7. Port of Teesport, England
8. Port of Tilbury, England
9. Port of Aberdeen, Scotland
10. Port of Bristol, England



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